–  To conserve means that one must stop wasting and to save … that is Management.
      –  Energy … Our natural resources will not last forever,  thus the necessity to manage.
      –  We can not wait until someone finds a sustainable energy source … therefore we must be Pro Active.

Our company is dedicated to helping people conserve, manage and be pro active in their energy usage with the information that we supply.   This information is given to folks through our dinner/seminar approach that we have effectively utilized since 2006.   We incorporate three 15 minute interactive sessions around a great FREE meal.

Pro-Active Energy Management will introduce to you various methods of conserving varying degrees of energy.   Some of these methods you might have already heard of, and some will be new to you … but you will find that the principles are all common-sense.

While our focus is utility savings,  our scope is reducing pollution in our air, water and land.   Energy conservation and reduction will stretch our current energy resources that will buy us time that can be utilized in finding new environmentally-friendly, sustainable energy sources.

As an ALL Canadian company,  we are located in British Columbia’s interior but we serve all Canadians across our great land.


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